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  • Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique

    World’s Best Mochi Donuts, the first in Canada. Try the unique donut with original flavors today!

    Freshly made every day!


    Sugarush is the ultimate store for imported treats! We are know for carrying exclusive products from all over the world that can’t be found anywhere else. We offer a wide variety of chips, cookies, chocolates and candies. Our stores have everything you can think of!

    Fuwa Fuwa

    Fuwa Fuwa is North America’s largest handcrafted souffle pancake and dessert specialist.

    A soufflé pancake is a dessert that has a unique fluffy texture and a light sweetness to them. Each pancake begins with egg whites whipped to soft peaks, essential to their finally airy quality, and is then cooked very slowly at low temperature. Tasting like a delicate balance between a soufflé and a traditional pancake, soufflé pancakes are soft, bouncy, and light.

    Celebrating the cultural diversity of Canada, all of Fuwa Fuwa’s products carefully infuse both elements of the East and the West for a tasty, artisanal treat. From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between – Fuwa Fuwa aims to deliver happiness, one pancake at a time.


    Bubble Tea is quickly becoming one of Canada’s favourite treats – and Chatime is the brand that started it all. As the largest bubble tea brand in Canada, Chatime has won over millions of fans, many of whom now make Chatime a part of their daily lives. With wildly innovative products that are made fresh to order, Chatime has a unique taste that is all our own – and something our guests crave again and again.

    Saint Germain Bakery

    Saint Germain Bakery at STC offers quality cakes and pastries.


    ROYALTEA has more than 130 franchise locations in China, and we are the first to bring authentic Asian style tea to the U.S. Our specialty is making freshly brew tea with modern technology and infused with natural, healthy, and nutrition ingredients. We believe freshness is the key.

    Each drink is made to order, and every ingredient is made fresh daily. This is why our drink takes an average of 5-10 minutes from ordered. We take our time to make our drinks; our goal is to bring delicious and refreshing drinks to our customers.

    Tim Hortons

    The Tim Hortons chain was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. Since the beginning, our establishments have focused on Always Fresh products, great value, quality service, and community leadership. These qualities have allowed it to become a Canadian icon, specializing in Always Fresh coffee, baked goods and homestyle lunches.

    Laura Secord


    Being the most renowned Maître Chocolatier in Canada for over 100 years, Laura Secord offers you a multitude of superior quality recipes that have proven their worth over the years. Whether it is to offer a thought to a loved one or corporate gifts for your employees, we have what you are looking for!

    What you will find in our stores:

    • Refined chocolates;
    • Seasonal products;
    • Frozen delicacies;
    • A selection of peanut-free products;
    • Personalized baskets on request;
    • Corporate gifts “available volume price”;
    • And much more…

    At Laura Secord, your satisfaction is our priority!


    The original POP! Since 1983 Kernels Popcorn has been making a sensational range of unique popcorn flavours for the ideal snack time. With a popcorn for every personality, whether salty or sweet, spicy or cheesy, decadent or low-fat, you’re sure to find a flavour as unique as you. We also do fundraising for schools, clubs etc.

    Yogen Fruz

    Yogen Früz brings you healthy and alternative desserts including made-to-order frozen yogurt and smoothies with fresh fruits and real Canadian dairy. Yogen Früz also offers non-dairy, sugar-free, kosher, and gluten-free options to fit your diet. Swensen’s ice cream and Presotea bubble teas is also available at this location.