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Scarborough Town Centre is committed to sustainability and proud of the following green initiatives:


Scarborough Town Centre is equipped with nine compactors where all cardboard, paper, bottles, cans and plastics are recycled.

Bicycle Parking Stations

Bicycle stands are located at the following entrances: Entrance 1 and Entrance 6.

Rooftop Beehives

Scarborough Town Centre has installed two beehives on the rooftop which house 50,000 bees. The bees travel 5kms to pollinate, contribute to biodiversity and provide a food source.

Solar Panels

Our rooftop solar panel installation is one of the largest in the Greater Toronto Area. The 929 panels and 11 inverters help supply the annual energy requirements of an average-sized Scarborough Town Centre store. This installation was one of Oxford’s first large scale solar projects and builds on a decade of leadership firsts for Oxford’s Sustainable Intelligence program.