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    In celebration of Earth Day, STC is delighted to host two events for the Scarborough community to lead a sustainable lifestyle and positively impact our planet.

    Upcoming Events

    Earth Day Electronic Recycling Community Drive

    STC is partnering with Electronic Recycling Association to host an electronic recycling & data shredding event. Get rid of your electronics and help make the environment clean.

    Accepted items include: Cellphones, Laptops, Computers, Monitors, TV’s and Printers etc. Click Here for full list of accepted items !

    *We do not accept household or personal appliances.

    Dates: Thursday April 21

    Times: 8:30am -4:30pm

    Location: Parking lot across Milestones

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    The Street Market

    Mark your calendars, The Street Market is returning to STC to bring you sustainable shopping alternatives.

    The Street Market Boutique is a traveling thrifting & sustainable fashion market, featuring small businesses from across Canada. As a Canadian based brand, we take pride in the utilization of unique venues to bring sustainable and vintage clothing to clients of all ages and demographics – at an affordable price!

    Dates: Saturday April 23 – Sunday April 24

    Times: During Shopping Centre Hours

    Location: Centre Court

    Vendors and more: 

    • Attire Co.
    • Belgrave Vintage
    • Clarendon Co
    • Coldtteashop
    • Dough Bwoyz
    • East Vintage Shop
    • KXThrift
    • Loose Threads Vintage
    • Mr. & Mrs Thrift
    • Northside Vintage
    • Very Old Garms
    • Virtue Vintage
    • YYZ Clothing
    • 8 Hour Thrifts

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    Scarborough Town Centre is committed to sustainability and proud of the following green initiatives:


    Scarborough Town Centre is equipped with nine compactors where all cardboard, paper, bottles, cans and plastics are recycled.

    Bicycle Parking Stations

    Bicycle stands are located at the following entrances: Entrance 1 and Entrance 6.

    Rooftop Beehives

    Scarborough Town Centre has installed two beehives on the rooftop which house 50,000 bees. The bees travel 5kms to pollinate, contribute to biodiversity and provide a food source.

    Solar Panels

    Our rooftop solar panel installation is one of the largest in the Greater Toronto Area. The 929 panels and 11 inverters help supply the annual energy requirements of an average-sized Scarborough Town Centre store. This installation was one of Oxford’s first large scale solar projects and builds on a decade of leadership firsts for Oxford’s Sustainable Intelligence program.