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    Scarborough Town Centre offers 4,500+ parking spots for visitors on the premises of the shopping centre.

    The gated parking lots are opened for visitor access approximately 30 – 60 minutes prior to the opening of the shopping centre.

    Parking on the premises is complimentary to all visitors of the shopping centre. Please note that parking is reserved for Scarborough Town Centre visitors only, and parking to go offsite is not permitted.

    Please see below for the closest shopping centre entrance to each parking lot:

    P1 ― Entrance 1 (by Cineplex and Urban Planet)

    P2 ― Entrance 2 (by Moxies and Decathlon)

    P3A & P3B ― Entrance 3 (by Walmart)

    P3C – Real Canadian Superstore Parking

    P5 ―Entrance 5 (by IKEA)

    P6 ― Entrance 6 (by Scarborough Town Dental)

    P7 ― Entrance 7 (by TD Bank)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC)

    Electric vehicle charging stations are available at Entrance 3. The charging fee is $2 per hour, to a maximum of $5.

    RV Parking

    STC extends a warm welcome to guests who are including the shopping centre in your RV vacation. We offer temporary RV parking while guests are shopping and dining at STC. RV parking is located at Parking Lot #5. Please note that overnight parking is not permitted.

    Accessibility Parking

    Accessible parking spaces are available near the shopping centre entrances at all parking lots.

    Expectant Mothers Parking

    Scarborough Town Centre has designated courtesy parking spaces for expectant mothers and visitors with small children near each entrance.