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  • Refuel Juicery

    We are not just a juice company. We are your daily routine.

    Our mission is to help you achieve strength and beauty from the inside out by bringing you the best tasting cold press juices, smoothies, protein shakes and more. Impeccably presented by passionate health enthusiasts. We are warm. We are inviting. We are the Hippest Juice Joint in town.

    Mr. Pretzels

    Proudly operating in six Canadian provinces, with the first Canadian store having opened in Montreal, Mr. Pretzels has been rolling freshly baked pretzels in Canada since 2013.

    Using only the finest quality, natural ingredients and toppings of your choice, makes it impossible to resist and keeps you coming back for more.

    IKEA Swedish Deli

    Stop by and enjoy a delicious and affordable meal whether you are finished your shopping or just starting! From meatballs to cinnamon buns, fuel whatever you’re craving at IKEA STC.

    Uncle Tetsu

    Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake is made with carefully selected ingredients in precise quantities, including decadent cream cheese, premium butter and the finest farm-fresh eggs! Each ingredient is mixed and baked with care to produce a cheesecake that tastes pure, natural and of course, delicious! We guarantee you’ll be back for seconds.

    Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique

    World’s Best Mochi Donuts, the first in Canada. Try the unique donut with original flavors today!

    Freshly made every day!

    Fuwa Fuwa

    Fuwa Fuwa is North America’s largest handcrafted souffle pancake and dessert specialist.

    A soufflé pancake is a dessert that has a unique fluffy texture and a light sweetness to them. Each pancake begins with egg whites whipped to soft peaks, essential to their finally airy quality, and is then cooked very slowly at low temperature. Tasting like a delicate balance between a soufflé and a traditional pancake, soufflé pancakes are soft, bouncy, and light.

    Celebrating the cultural diversity of Canada, all of Fuwa Fuwa’s products carefully infuse both elements of the East and the West for a tasty, artisanal treat. From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between – Fuwa Fuwa aims to deliver happiness, one pancake at a time.

    Saint Germain Bakery

    Saint Germain Bakery at STC offers quality cakes and pastries.

    The Alley

    The Alley was founded in Taiwan in 2013. Known for its signature tapioca pearls – Deerioca, and pure sugar cane syrup, the brand has expanded rapidly with branches across Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. The first Canadian branch was opened in Toronto in 2016, now with over 16 locations all over Canada.

    Ten Ren’s Tea

    Ten Ren’s Tea is the largest and best-known tea manufacturer in the Far East, with over five tea factories and more than 2000 stores in Asia Pacific and North America. We specialize in speciality tea and related tea products.
    Owned and operated by the third generation of tea producers, Ten Ren’s Tea maintains the tradition of offering some of the best quality tea. Ten Ren’s Tea’s dedication to the fine art of enjoying Taiwanese tea, as well as making it available, has helped us to expand not only in Toronto, but worldwide.
    Currently we have ten retail stores in Toronto, Canada. As a matter of fact, we are the first tea retailer in Toronto that was issued the international quality standard certifications: ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP.

    Real Fruit

    There is nothing secretive about our ingredients and management which is reflected in our low countertops and transparency. We do not use artificial preservatives nor additives in our drinks. Each drink is made with fruit freshly cut and tailored to each person’s taste and preference. If you have any dietary concerns, tell our bartender and they will make your drink the way you want.