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    You know what mercury retrograde means and what your rising sign is. Besides always being up-to-date on your horoscope, you also know that your zodiac sign can say a lot about your personal style. As you sort out your closet for the hotter months ahead, we’ve put together this star sign-inspired summer style guide to inspire your wardrobe choices.

    Read on to find out what your zodiac sign says about your summer style.


    People might be swapping their at-home outfits for their usual summer staples but you’re not giving up on loungewear just yet. Comfort is key and you’re all about pieces that have a sporty vibe like bike shorts with crop tops and oversized shirts.


    Adidas Shorts 

    Urban Planet Crop Top 

    Michael Kors Sporty Dress 


    Your taste gravitates towards luxe items but something doesn’t need to be expensive in order to look expensive. Your summer wardrobe shines a spotlight on elevated accessories like chain necklaces and this season’s trendy mini bag.


    Michael Kors Cross Body Bag 

    Laura Sunglasses 

    H&M Link Necklace 


    You’re a person who can just as easily dress up or down. If one were to glance into your closet, they’d find a simple jersey dress (for when you want to keep things casual) hanging right beside a shimmering sequined dress (when you want to party).

    Gemini trends

    H&M Dress 

    Reitmans Necklace 

    Old Navy Jersey Dress


    Classic is where it’s at and it works for you. Since your wardrobe choices aren’t driven by trends, you prefer to stock up on tried-and-true staples in pastels, or simple patterns like stripes and gingham.

    summer trends

    Michael Kors Striped Dress 

    Old Navy Bracelet 

    H&M Blouse 


    You’re all about colour this season and the bolder, the better! Vibrant hues like red, orange and yellow are right up your alley, whether it’s a pair of platform sandals or a swishy dress. If it makes you stand out from the crowd, you’re in.

    Style guide

    MK Ombre Dress 

    Old Navy Sandals 

    Coach Earrings


    You love a good summer uniform so you can wear it all season long and look effortless while you’re at it. You’re especially into wear-anywhere denim dresses and matching monochromatic sets. White canvas sneakers are a must.


    Ardene Denim Overall Dress

    Aldo Sneaker 

    Roots Bag 


    You like to balance your cool and casual side with your more adventurous sense of style. You can easily pair a fun printed skirt with a casual white tee, or throw on sneakers with your favourite floral dress.


    H&M Pleated Skirt 

    Hudson’s Bay Floral Dress 

    H&M Chunky Shoe 


    Polished yet edgy, you’re drawn to unexpected style pairings like a silky slip dress paired with boots or a corset-style top with jeans. Since you’re a natural risk taker, you’re not afraid to experiment with your summer wardrobe.

    Fall trends

    Reitmans Slip Dress 

    Old Navy High Waisted Jeans 

    Globo Dr. Martens 


    Your love of adventure readily translates into your wardrobe choices. Just because you can’t travel readily doesn’t mean you can’t look the part. You’re giving vacation vibes with all your favourite pieces, whether it’s with a tropical-inspired print or your latest swimsuit purchase.


    Ardene Swimsuit 

    Coach Sandal 

    Urban Planet Cover-up 


    You’re a big believer in basics. That means having dependable items in your wardrobe that are high-quality and also versatile enough for any occasion. There is such a thing as a perfect tee paired with the perfect pair of denim shorts.

    Basic styles

    Old Navy High Waisted Shorts 

    H&M T-shirt 

    Rudsak Runner 


    You covet unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that make you happy. A multi-print dress or a blouse with interesting sleeves will always catch your eye. You also love pairing them with playful, eye-catching accessories. Fruit-shaped earrings? Yes, please!


    Reitmans Earrings 

    Michael Kors Sleeved Dress 

    H&M Mini Bag 


    You love expressing your free-spirited energy through your style. This summer, you’re living in flowy summer dresses. Your accessories of choice: a floppy straw hat, oversized sunnies and a woven basket handbag.

    straw hat

    Hudson’s Bay Body Glove Straw Hat 

    Laura Floral Print Dress 

    Bonlook Sunglasses 

    Whether you’re a Cancer with a classic style or a colour-loving Leo, there’s a summer style out there for you. To explore all your options, visit the shopNOW feature for your shopping centre and get started.

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