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STC understands the importance of community and of being neighborly and kind. We are privileged to be situated in a thriving philanthropic community where residents take pride in their surroundings and work tirelessly to improve conditions. As such, we are proud to highlight the hard work of incredible organizations and the people behind them, on the STC website. Not for profit organizations are asked to contact us at stcinfo@oxfordproperties.com if you are interested in bringing awareness to your organization on the STC website. Applicants must provide the full name of the organization, contact name and email address, as well as a brief description of the goal of the not for profit organization. Applications are subject to approval by STC Management and are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

To those individuals in our community who donate their time and efforts to improve the lives of many, we thank you.

Toronto Zoo - Phone Apes Program

Answer the call of the wild and recycle your cell phones with Phone Apes and the Toronto Zoo


Since 2006, The Toronto Zoo provides 100% landfill free cell phone recycling services to individual schools, community groups, corporate environments and many other partners across Ontario.

To date, over 36,000 cellphones, plus over 7 tonnes of general e-waste have been collected.

The Phone Apes program was awarded top honours among North American zoos, aquaria and wildlife organizations in 2007 and 2009. The Toronto Zoo remains the most trusted cell phone recycler in the Greater Toronto Area & throughout Ontario.

What is Cell Phone Recycling?

Cell phone recycling encourages responsible waste management of electronic materials. The e-waste sector is growing rapidly and the impacts include illegal and irresponsible mining, landfill restrictions and overuse, health problems in developing countries. Recycling of cell phones, and other small electronic devices helps reclaim valuable metals and reduces environmental social impacts.

How does cell phone recycling help conserve Gorillas and their habitats?

Coltan is a metallic ore used to produce the element tantalum. Tantalum, used in a light weight metal powder form, is able to hold a very high electrical charge. This makes it a vital element in creating the capacitors that control electric flow inside miniature circuit boards. Tantalum capacitors are used in almost all cell phones, laptops, pagers and other electronic devices.

Coltan is most concentrated, and therefore most easily mined, in the rainforests of the former Republic of the Congo. Unfortunately, the endangered Lowland Gorilla also calls this spot home. By recycling old cell phones, tantalum can be re-used; lessening the demand to mine pure coltan in the Congo.


Click below to learn more about drop off locations, or for more information and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Phone Apes program.

Scarborough Health Network

You can make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.

Our health care workers at Scarborough Health Network (SHN) need large amounts of various personal protective equipment (PPE) to help us respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you or your business have PPE or supplies that could help keep SHN health care teams and patients safe?

For a complete list of PPE the hospital is currently in need of, click here.


For donations, please email


For information on Covid Assessment centres within Scarborough Health Network, click here

SHN provides resources relating to Covid19 for children. For information click here.

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