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Home Blog Warm Up to These Fall Decor Trends

With fall just around the corner, we’re already in nesting mode and looking for ways to make our homes as cozy as possible. Create a warm and joyful space for the season ahead by taking cues from these design trends.

Earth to rattan

Channel a boho vibe with rattan furniture, a versatile natural material that adds warmth to any space. Go big with bookshelves, chairs or headboards, or focus on smaller accent pieces like baskets, mirrors or planters.

Going green

Green is the new neutral. From rich emerald to soothing sage, the trending colour is stealing the spotlight. Think kitchen cabinets or a velvet living room sofa to bring nature indoors for the cooler months.

On the curve

Statement sofas with rounded edges make a striking impact in a minimalist space. Look for silhouettes that favour soft curves over sharp lines, and add to fall’s cozy vibe.

Velvet crush

The sumptuous fabric is perfect for fall. It’s also an easy way to play with texture and add character to any room. Invest in a velvet throw for the couch or a statement-making ottoman.

Statement lighting / Let there be light

With so much time spent indoors in fall, statement lighting adds instant ambiance to any space. A striking lamp, sconce or pendant light will make just the right impact.

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Whether you’re looking for a small refresh or a bold change, let these decor trends inspire your space for fall.

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