Easy Halloween Outfit Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and we’ve put together some awesome, easy halloween outfit ideas so you can be ready in no time! P.s. how cute are these?!

Accessories to spice up existing pieces you may have:

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5 Tips for Hosting Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth time hosting a holiday dinner, cooking for your entire family and then some can be stressful. Thankfully, there’s a few tricks you can use so that the big day won’t have to be hectic. Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your cool while hosting a holiday party:

Plan in advance & make a cooking schedule

Stationery comes in handy almost all of the time, but Thanksgiving especially. Get yourself a planner to write down all that needs to be done for the big day so that you can visualize everything coming together. Create a cooking schedule to stay on track and the turkey will be done before you know it! Find cute and colourful stationery and planners at Indigo Spirit.

Don’t cook everything on the same day

We came across this tip and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it. Cook items like gravy and potatoes ahead of time to save you the hassle on the day-of when you have bigger things to worry about (i.e., the turkey). Store the pre-made items in high-quality glass containers like these ones from the Hudson’s Bay.

Create a beautiful ambience

Immerse your guests as soon as they walk in the door to set the mood. Create a beautiful ambience by lighting some candles and turning the lights lower. You can find fall-scented candles at Bath and Body Works and all natural candles at Saje Natural Wellness.

Go all out with decorations

Infuse holiday spirit into your home with decorations. From table centrepieces and linen napkins to autumn-inspired knick knacks, every little detail counts. As a bonus, you can leave the decor up until it’s time to switch it out. Pick up these bronzed pumpkins, wooden serving tray and cutting board from The Real Canadian Superstore.

Visit the bakery

While cooking the entire dinner, cut yourself some slack when it comes to dessert. Visit your local bakery to grab some sweets, and instead spend the time presenting them nicely – who has room for dessert anyways? Pick out a selection of cupcakes and sweets from Le Dolci.

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adidas Ultra Boost Days – 25% Off

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Cozy Comfort Foods for Fall

As the days become shorter, and the temperatures get cooler, the warmer days are over and  the end of summer is a reality. Cozy up in one of our dine-in restaurants for the ultimate comfort food, perfect for these upcoming chilly autumn evenings.

Photo: @scaddabush


Experience authentic Italian food and hospitality and feel at home at Scaddabush. With dishes that are reminiscent of a home cooked meal, and different options for portion sizes, there’s no better place to meet an old friend, have a date night, or bring family together.

Where? Across from Cineplex on Progress Ave.

Try it! Warm up with a bowl of Tomato Fennel Soup to start and try the Zucca Ravioli for the main course.

Photo: @kwandimsum

Kwan Dim Sum

Tucked inside the middle of STC’s Upper Level Taste MRKT, Kwan provides a great escape from the cold, and the hustle and bustle of the mall. Their modern dining space and extensive Dimsum + Chinese menu are sure to warm the belly and satisfy the taste buds.

Where? Upper Level Taste MRKT

Try it! Go for a classic noodle dish like the Cantonese Chow Mein or try something sweet and tangy like the Chili Garlic Prawns.

Photo: @cacao70

Cacao 70

Cacao makes a great pitstop for a quick shopping break, or the perfect dessert destination post-dinner. While it may be too cold to indulge in too much ice-cream, check out one of their warmer options that’s sure to satisfy any sweet craving.

Where? Upper Level Taste MRKT

Try it! Give their fresh fruits, chocolate brownies, and waffle bites a swirl in an Earl Grey Chocolate Fondue and spice it up with a Mexicocoa Hot Chocolate.

Photo: @milestonesrestaurants


Whether you’re feeling for a bite of your favourite dish or want to try something new, Milestones has a little something for everyone with their tasty twists on classic menu items.

Where? Off Progress Rd. across Swiss Chalet

Try it! Nothing says autumn like a meal full of fresh vegetables that are rich in flavour, and colour. Start off with the Beet & Goat Cheese Salad, then give their Mediterranean Chicken a try!

Photo: @moxies_official


Sink into one of their booths and experience their take on classic dishes from around the world. With a variety of options like steaks, pizza, sushi cones and vindaloo, Moxies has the best of everything for everyone.

Where? Upper Level beside Entrance #2 and across from Scotiabank

Try it! Inspired by 16th Century Spain, the Spanish Cod & Prawns is one of Moxies’ newest dishes, and it’s a must-try! The blend of sweet tomatoes, peppers, baby potatoes, and a hint of chimichurri creates one savoury dish. Finish it off with the Sticky Toffee Pudding – warmed and topped with toasted almonds, an ooze of buttery caramel sauce and french vanilla ice-cream.


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How To: Transitioning Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall

Let’s be real, although we’re a little teary-eyed at the thought of summer ending, we’re far more excited to leave our good friend, humidity behind. If you’re someone who prefers not to sweat your makeup off before noon, we feel your pain! But as the temperatures drop, so does our skin’s moisture levels. Luckily, STC has everything you need for a seamless transition into a new skin-care routine, just in time for fall.

Deep Clean

Take this time to give your skin a fresh start with a deep exfoliation. Begin by gently massaging Clinique’s ‘Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm’ (Sephora, $38) to dissolve all makeup. Follow with the Nyx ‘Stripped Off Whipped Cream Cleanser’ (Nyx, $16) to strip off any remaining buildup on the face. Finish off with a deep clean using MAC’s ‘Mineralize Reset & Revive Charcoal Mask’ (MAC, $35) to clean pores inside out and draw out the impurities.

Skin Re-Nourishment

Colder temperatures call for more layering – and we don’t mean more sweaters! Harsher weather conditions cause the skin to dry out, meaning we have to pack in the moisture. If you’re not ready to replace your lightweight summer moisturizers with heavier creams, try applying First Aid Beauty’s ‘Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum’ (Sephora, $45) underneath your current moisturizer for added hydration. Another alternative is using Shiseido’s ‘Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream’ (The Bay, $64) to penetrate moisture deep inside your pores in order to re-nourish dry skin. To help seal in the moisture, MAC’s ‘Prep + Prime Essential Oils Stick’ (MAC, $33) is a good addition to your daily makeup routine.

Conditioning Lip Treatments

If you’ve ever been personally victimized by chapped lips, a lip care routine is in order. To keep them soft and plump, we need to give them as much attention as we give our skin. A lip exfoliation two to three times a week is a sure way to get rid of any dry, flaky patches. MAC’s ‘Lip Scrubtious’ (MAC, $19) is a sugar-based exfoliator that gently does the job without compromising hydration. For added maintenance, nightly use of the La Neige ‘Lip Sleeping Mask’ (Sephora, $24) creates a protective film over the lips, locking in moisture overnight. Don’t forget about keeping a balm in your purse, as it’s important to keep lips hydrated at all hours of the day. The Nyx ‘#THISISEVERYTHING Lip Balm’ (Nyx, $7) is perfect for everyday use to maintain softness, and smoothness.

Overnight Treatments

When the sun goes down, we take the time to rest and unwind. The same goes for our skin, and we need to take advantage of this seven to eight hour window we have at night to restore our skin’s water content without environmental stressors. Applying overnight treatments allows your skin to fully absorb moisture and nutrients without interruption. Bobbi Brown’s ‘Hydrating Eye Cream’ (Sephora, $70) is made up of some of the most natural moisturizers. Components like aloe vera, witch hazel extract, jojoba seeds and avocado oil revive the eyes of its firmness and elasticity. To retain long-lasting facial hydration, apply Kiehl’s ‘Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Face Mask’ (The Bay, $45) nightly to achieve glowing skin by morning.


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