Music Festival Staples for Summer

Festival season is in full swing and if you’re prepping to head out to a music festival, whether it’s the whole weekend or a one-day event, it’s likely that your getting your outfits together in advance.

To make your outfit planning that much easier, STC Trendspotter Mandy Furnis, from @mandy_sparkleshinylove, has picked some of her favourite pieces that you can find right here at STC.

Get ready for bohemian-inspired florals, lightweight slides, and highly Instagrammable accessories. The best part? Mix & match to wear these festival staples all summer long!


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5 Iced Teas for Summer

It doesn’t get much better than a chilled glass of iced tea on a hot day. Here are our top 5 iced teas to help you beat the heat and stay cool.



Where? Upper Level across from Adidas

Try It! Matcha Iced Tea Latte. Available in a variety of flavours such as Peach, Mint, Vanilla and Blueberry!



Where? Lower Level beside the Hudson’s Bay

Try it! Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea. Try it half sweet made with lemonade!

Real Fruit Bubble Tea


Where? Lower Level TASTE MRKT

Try it! Iced Pomegranate Green Tea. This refreshing drink is full of nutrients and antioxidants!

Timothy’s World Coffee

Where? Lower Level across from Cinnabon

Try it! Mango Tea Infusion. Pair this drink with a cookie for $2.19, until September 9.

The Alley

Where? Upper Level across from Scotiabank (Coming soon!)

Try it! Pineapple Bruleé Oolong. This drink will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, while refreshing at the same time!


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Summer Cocktails at STC

Patio season is upon us – it’s time for you to kick back and enjoy a fresh cocktail under the sun! Here are the most popular menu items at our favourite dine-in restaurants, so prepare your tastebuds for some serious flavour.


Milestone’s Bellini

Have a sip of summer and try this peachy, frozen treat! Visit Milestones on a Monday with your girlfriends and enjoy 4 bellinis and 4 apps for $40.


Jack Astor’s Fishbowl Cocktails

Jack Astor’s has your back if you’re looking for a great cocktail. These bright and colourful Fishbow Cocktails are the perfect way to kick off summer!


Scaddabush’s Sangria

Listed on blogTO’s “The Best Sangria in Toronto” list, Scaddabush doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this wine concoction. Scaddabush also happens to have a “Girl’s Night, Get a Pitcher of Sangria and 4 Apps for $50”.


Canyon Creek’s Put the Lime in the Coconut

Made with both white and spiced rum, fresh lime juice, coconut puree and pineapple juice, Canyon Creek’s glass of tropical goodness is sure to refresh your palate.

Moxie’s Big Life Craft Beer

Made with only 4 ingredients, Moxie’s Big Life Craft beer is crafted (no pun intended) with their customers in mind. The Euro lager and Amber Ale are delicious, perfect for easy drinking and a relaxing night out.


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Special Occasion Make-up at Sephora

Many of us have our go-to everyday makeup routine, but when it comes to special occasions such as a wedding, prom, graduation, or any event that requires the extra effort, our normal routine simply does not make the cut. As they say, makeup is an art, so why not get creative and present yourself in a unique way? It’s time to up the ante and add a little more oomph to your everyday routine.

Turn to the pros and unlock your beauty potential with a 45-minute Custom Makeover at Sephora. Situated at the Beauty Studio inside the STC Sephora, the Beauty Services team can completely transform your look and help you get party ready. Custom Makeovers are complementary with a C$50 minimum purchase, so pick up that highlighting palette you’ve had your eye on and reserve a spot.

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Top 5 Spots for Refreshing Summer Drinks

As summer approaches, we dream of refreshing treats that will help us beat the heat! Unfortunately, many of the treats we crave are laden with sugar – to counteract, we rounded up a few of our favourite places that make light and refreshing drinks perfect for keeping cool, nourishing your body, and of course, curbing your sweet tooth.


Booster Juice

Originating in Canada, Booster Juice is committed to providing customers with food they can feel good about. Featuring ingredients such as ginger and lemon, Booster Juice has some delicious flavor combinations sure to help you cleanse and de-bloat, all while satisfying your sweets craving.

Where? Lower Level across Dynamite


Try it!

Heavenly Horizion

Made with fresh apples, lemons, ginger, pineapples

(Tip: Ask for a few ice cubes in your fresh pressed juice to make it even more refreshing!)

Jugo Juice

Not only is Jugo Juice socially conscious by using cups made out of recycled materials, but they offer up to six servings of premium fresh fruit and vegetables with any order. In a number of their fresh-pressed juices, Jugo Juice features kale, a superfood that has more calcium per calorie than milk!

Where? Upper level beside Champs Sports


Try it!

Kale Aid

Made with fresh lemon, spinach, ginger, apple, celery, and kale

(Tip: If you’re not ready to dive into a juicing option full of vegetables, add in fruits such as pineapple and orange to mask the taste of greens.)


Ten Ren’s Tea

With their teas grown and harvested on their privately owned tea gardens in Taiwan, Ten Ren’s Bubble tea ensures superior quality for the main ingredient in their products. Using traditional artisanal techniques, Ten Ren’s Tea is the place to go for both authentic and refreshing bubble tea.

Where? Upper level beside Flight Centre


Try it!

Green Tea Red Bean Slush

Made with red bean paste and Hokkaido milk tea with tapioca

(Tip: Substitute condensed milk for a milk alternative such as, almond milk, for a healthier version of your favourite bubble tea!)


Real Fruit Bubble Tea

Rooted in the GTA, Real Fruit Bubble Tea prides themselves on providing customers with drinks that are healthier and more nutritious to consumers. Their drinks are processed on site, and crafted with fresh fruit and natural ingredients.

Where? Lower level Taste MRKT beside Cultures


Try it!

Mango Slush

Fresh mango blended with ice and water. You can choose to add tapioca pearls or small mango chucks, reminiscent of traditional bubble tea

(Tip: Ask for half a serving of tapioca pears to reduce sugar, or opt for small mango chucks, which are just as delicious)


Yogen Fruz

Another Toronto native, Yogen Fruz provides customers with nutritious and certainly delicious frozen desserts. Their unique blending system combines their nutritious yogurt with fresh fruit, producing a low-fat, high fibre, and antioxidant rich frozen treat.

Where? Upper level Taste MRKT


Try it!

Tropical Green Smoothie

Low-fat frozen yogurt blended with kale, banana, pineapple, and coconut milk

(Tip: Opt for non-dairy or low-fat frozen yogurt for a healthier smoothie!)


For even more delicious finds, visit our Dining Guides!

Girl’s Night

A great girl’s night out typically involves good friends, a bit of gossip, some shopping, and most importantly, amazing food! Check out a few of my favourite places to relax and indulge at STC:


Cacao 70

With its beautiful palm trees wallpaper and art deco flooring, Cacao 70 is easily a great spot for a girl’s night out. Whether you are coming in for dinner or stopping by for a quick dessert stop, Cacao 70 offers plenty of options to select from. Visit the dippery for some cool refreshments or stroll inside for a more intimate dining experience. Cacao 70 is a must-see when shopping with the girls.

Where? Upper Level TASTE MRKT

Try it! The Grilled Marshmallows plate is perfect to share with friends! Think graham crackers, toffee bananas, warm peanut butter sauce, whipped cream, melted chocolate, and marshmallows that you can roast with your own grill!

Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar


Scaddabush is all about great music, and the high energy of people chatting while enjoying great food. There are a lot of shareable items perfect for a girlfriends looking to indulge in delectable items such as the Fresh Mozarella with Balsamic Truffle, while sipping glasses of Peach Mango Bellinis.

Where? Across from Cineplex on McCowan Rd.

Try it! Every Tuesday, you can enjoy either a pitcher of sangria or beer with four apps for only $50!  It’s the perfect reason  to spend time with the girls during the week!

Moxie’s Bar & Grill


The menu at Moxie’s is one of our favourites because of its diverse offerings. We love the fact that they have a gluten-conscience menu, so you don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself to a wide selection of items.

Where? Upper Level beside Entrance #2 and across from the Scotiabank

Try it! Every day at Moxies, you can enjoy their Happy Hour menu from 3pm to 6pm AND 9pm to close!  There are all kinds of specials on food and drinks – from specials on tacos, fresh guac and Bellinis.


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