Parent & Tot Fitness Program

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Class time: Tuesday + Thursday: 10 am to 10:30 am

General Guidelines:

  • Your child may or may not want to follow along to the instructions
  • It’s perfectly fine to go chase after them and come back – in fact that’s good exercise!
  • Listen to your body – if something hurts stop or take it down a level
  • Have fun with your child

Warm ups + Stretches can include:

  • Seated Simon says – engage kids, teach body parts: head, arms, legs, jump, sit, stand, reach the sky, shake, hug mama, clap, shh, close your eyes.
  • Head and shoulders, knees and toes – sing and warm up major muscles
  • Neck stretch – baby on mat or in lap, parent stretches head to one shoulder, to chest, to other shoulder (making circles, and reversing)

Exercise Samples:

  • Peek-a-boo squat/Baby squat – parent squats in front of child, while playing peek-a-boo at the bottom of the movement/ parent squats holding baby, x10
  • Baby bicep curls – parent holds child at his/her trunk (or cradling the neck for babies) and curls baby forward, x 5
  • Baby calf raises – hold baby and raise up onto toes and back down, x 10
  • Push baby forward, tap back – tap toes straight back as you push the baby forward, alternating toes

Cool downs can include:

  • Child’s pose – together with child, either side by side or child is under parents arms and head
  • Lying twist – on back, child on top of parent or beside parent, twisting to one side, then the other
  • See saw up and down (leg raises)– parent lies down on mat and places child on shin, lifting legs to table top and back down