Eco-friendly Tips for Everyday Living

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Sustainable living can be as simple as incorporating eco-friendly habits into your lifestyle. Here are a few easy ways to make mindful choices in your everyday life.

Make mindful kitchen swaps

Making changes in the kitchen can go a long way in reducing waste and plastic use. Ditch paper towels for dish towels for a more eco-friendly option.

Food storage is another easy way to eliminate waste. Swap single-use plastic wrap and ziploc bags with silicone storage bags, and glass or metal containers for plastic ones.

Reusable Snack Bag, Ardene
Tea Towels, Hudson’s Bay
LSA International Container & Lid, Hudson’s Bay

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Rethink your wardrobe

Since spring-cleaning is top of mind this time of year, check your nearest organizations to donate pre-loved clothes or consignment apps like Poshmark or Depop. Click HERE to learn more about STC retailer initiatives.

Next, invest in staples that will work year-round like a blazer, a coat or a pair of Chelsea boots. Always look for quality over quantity and choose materials like linen and organic cotton that are considered more eco-friendly.

Relaxed Fit Organic Cotton Tee, Lululemon
Denim Forum Arlo High Rise, Aritzia
Logo Organic Cotton Blend Sweatshirt, Michael Kors

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Go green with cleaning

Cleaning products can contain ingredients considered to be harmful to the environment. Shop for eco-friendly products or alternatively, create your own all-purpose cleaning solution using one part water to one part white vinegar.

Cleaning cloths—absorbent and machine washable—will keep counters spotless. Meanwhile, a pack of dryer balls speed up drying time and make your laundry smell fresh and clean.

Seek sustainable beauty options

When it comes to your skincare routine, consider using shampoo bars, which replace liquid bottles with little to no waste, or a bamboo toothbrush, a more eco-friendly option. Reusable makeup cloths also help cut down on waste.

Many beauty brands offer refillable products so you can top up once you’re done. If you have #beautyempties, many brands, like Burt’s Bees and L’Occitane, who have partnerships with TerraCycle will collect your products for recycling.

Bamboo Case for Shampoo/Conditioner Bar, Hudson’s Bay
Eco-Friendly Makeup Removing Cloth, Hudson’s Bay
Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera, Christophe Robin at Sephora

Consider clean beauty

The growing clean beauty category focuses on products that are made with ingredients considered good for us and the environment. The Clean at Sephora initiative, for example, curates makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance so you can shop with ease.

Drunk Elephant
Clean Reserve

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Small, simple swaps can make a big difference for our planet and make it a greener, better place for everyone. For more tips and ideas, follow us @shopstc to see more of what’s Trending, or subscribe to our newsletter.