Ideas for Fueling Creativity at Home

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If you’re feeling restless during this time and looking for creative ways to channel your energy, there are several things you can do at home that don’t involve scrolling social media or binge-watching a TV show. Even if you aren’t the crafty DIY-type, there are still countless ways you can fuel your creativity. Perhaps you feel most inspired in the kitchen flexing your culinary muscles. Or, you might feel like your best self in the garden cultivating your green thumb. Whatever sparks your creativity and imagination, here are some fun ideas to help get you through isolation.

Creative Sessions

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with your regular beauty routine, you can still have fun and get creative at home. Now’s the time to experiment with makeup without worrying about messing up. Learn how to create the perfect cat-eye or test-drive a bold beauty look. You can even experiment with nail art. Start with simple mani ideas like stripes or a colourful dot. If you prefer a more traditional canvas, tap into your inner artist by painting. Or, nurture your love of the outdoors with gardening, whether you’re growing herbs or flowers. If games are more your speed, take a page from celebrities and get busy building Lego sets.

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Kitchen Confidential

If you feel your best creative self in the kitchen, there are lots of ways to get inventive and unleash your inner chef. On a baking spree? You may have already learned how to make your own sourdough bread or that lemon poppyseed loaf you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. Your next project: whip up a fresh batch of cookies for Chocolate Chip Day by trying your hand at a new recipe or a tried-and-true favourite. You can even have a session of afternoon tea with your favourite blend. Prefer a cocktail over a cup of tea? Gather your cocktail-making essentials for World Cocktail Day. Glassware: check, ingredients: check, garnishes: check. Cheers!

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