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Summer is one of our favourite seasons because it brings us some of our favourite “S” words!
Sunshine. Swimsuits. Semi-annual sales!

And though we hope you are enjoying summer break to the fullest, it may be time to start thinking about shopping for another “S” word. 


Yes we said it! And we’re sorry if it’s too soon to think about, but back to school shopping doesn’t have to be so intimidating. Especially when you have the ease and comfort of getting all you need in one store.

Here is our list for back to school shopping at MUJI.


We love fresh school supplies. And MUJI has all the basics you need – from notebooks and planners to small desk accessories! It’s also the perfect place for your DIY Pinterest needs. Be sure to check out their pens and pencils for an array of colours. Bullet journaling anyone?

Storage + Organizers

Now that you have your stationery supplies, it’s important to keep an organized desk and study space. MUJI’s acrylic drawers and tray inserts are definitely ideal for storage. This allows you to clearly see all your contents, so you don’t have to constantly dig through a pile of mess. Bonus – they’re stackable!


Whether you’re a student living at home or away on campus, it’s always nice to make your room/dorm a place you feel comfortable and relaxed in. And MUJI is known for their simplicity. Neutral fabrics and minimalistic furniture help keep your space free from clutter and distractions  – especially for those late night study sessions! Plus, how cute and comfy is their Body Fit Cushion?


We understand that being a student can be stressful. Between all the studying, exams and essay writing, sometimes you forget how to relax – and zen moments are a must! MUJI offers a variety of aroma diffusers + essential oils, fragrance and incense sticks. Pick your favourite scents and you’re one step closer to creating your calming environment.


You’ve pretty much picked up all the essentials for back to school shopping by now. So last, but not least (but also certainly most important) – snacks! MUJI has the perfect sized snacks to bring for a long commute or to munch on during a study break. And if you’re not a cookies or chocolate kind of person, don’t fret. They also offer a line of teas. Steep your faves and you’re set to start the school year!

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