5 Stores to Visit Before Your Next Yoga Practice

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Put your practice into action for a balance, centred, and flexible life! To gear you up for your next yoga class, here are 5 of our favourite places at STC perfect for completing your yoga practice.


A pioneer when it comes to dynamic yoga-wear, Lululemon is a staple in most yogis’ closets!  Their yoga mats are durable and come in a variety of colours, while their leggings are designed to feel like a second skin.  This look is comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for your next yoga session!

Where?  Upper Level by Zara.

Try it!  The classic Swifty Tech Racerback is the perfect tank top for Yoga practice because it fits snugly – no riding up while you are perfecting your downward dog!

Saje Natural Wellness

Saje is well-known for their diffusers and essential oil blends, but did you know that they have multiple products intended for Yoga enthusiasts? Using their yoga-inspired products can enhance your practice on all levels.

Where? Upper Level across Kwan Dim Sum

Try it!  The Saje Antibacterial Mat Spray is an easy way to clean your yoga mat. You can also try other products such as the Yoga Transition Mist, and their Yoga Grounding Bath Salt Soak.

Indigo Spirit

Practicing yoga can extend beyond classes by incorporating the lessons you learn into your daily life. Yoga teaches us to live a balanced life, and keeping hydrated is a great way to thank your body for all that it does.

Furthermore, keeping a yoga-centric book on your bedside table can also help inspire positive change in your life. Indigo Spirit has a variety of yoga-focused books, perfect for beginning or advancing your journey.

Where? Upper Level across Kwan Dim Sum

Try it!  Indigo Spirit carries the trendy S’well water bottles that keep your water cold all day long! They also carry books such as, The Yogi Assignment, a 30-day plan for bringing yoga practice and wisdom into your everyday life.

Booster Juice

One of my favourite spots to grab a post-workout snack is Booster Juice. They have a variety of smoothies and juices to choose from, as well as specialty shots, perfect for an immunity boost or afternoon pick-me-up!

Where? Lower Level across Dynamite

Try it!  Their Orange Ginger Cayenne specialty shot is great for detoxification and immunity boosting, a perfect complement to your yoga practice.


Adidas is a brand that knows a thing or two about sportswear, and they also have a knack for making separates that pair perfectly together. In addition, they carry sportswear accessories, like slide sandals that are perfect to slip on and off pre- and post-yoga.

Location: Upper Level near House of Hoops

Try it! The Adidas line of sports bras double as the perfect yoga top for hot yoga sessions. They are also great for mixing and matching with their diverse line of activewear bottoms.

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Don’t forget to check out Sunday Morning Yoga hosted by lululemon, so you can put these items into practice!

Images provided by Mandy from @mandy_sparkleshinylove