What type of traveller are you? Quiz!

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The travel bug has arrived and it’s come to leave its mark. Once it bites, it’s a feeling you can’t shake away. You spend days counting down to the weekend, comparing flights, and posting vacation throwbacks on Instagram. The itch to travel progresses as the days go by, and you know there’s only one way to alleviate the symptoms. A trip is just what the doctor recommends, and STC wants to help you cover all the bases.

Unsure of a destination? Follow these five simple steps.

Step 1: Take our quiz and find out where you should go next based on your travel persona

Step 2: Visit Flight Centre (Upper Level across Foot Locker) and speak with an agent about options

Step 3: Book desired flight

Step 4: Enjoy your vacation

Step 5: Repeat until you see signs of relief from travel bug


*Caution: Travel bug may never completely go away. Consult with agent if travel bug persists.*