Guide: 2018 Sunglass Trends

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With the renovation of Aldo Accessories, it is now easier than ever to find 2018’s must-have sunglass trends in one place.

We’re happy to announce that the 90’s are back, and in a big way. From daring silhouettes to coloured and transparent frames, these playful sunglass trends are sure to help you amp up your style game.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pairs that are guaranteed to make your outfit look cooler:

The Matrix

These futuristic looking shades are sure to spice up any outfit. Try pairing them with sneakers, a pair of chic joggers and a hoodie.

Rectangular Frames

These frames are perfect for those looking to get in on the trends without going in too deep. These shades will go with pretty much anything!

Rounded Cat Eye

These trendy frames should come as no surprise. Who else has seen these shades on their Instagram feed?

Lite Sunnies

This recognized celebrity trend is sure to spice up any outfit. They may not protect your eyes from the sun, but wearing impractical things is cool, right?

Some of our favourite looks:

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