May 28, 2018

Eva’s Original Chimneys Arrives at STC

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Say hello to the newest sweet spot at STC, Eva’s Original Chimneys! Originating in Hungary, chimney cakes are delicious, freshly baked cylindrical tubes, which can be seasoned and filled with a variety of ingredients, most notably, soft-serve ice cream.


The delectable treats are made before your eyes from start to finish, and are sure to leave your mouth watering. The dough is made fresh on premises daily, and almost all of their toppings, spreads and sauces are made from scratch locally. Customers have the choice of both sweet and savoury options, such as a Herb and Aged Cheddar chimney cake, or a Maple Pecan Cinnamon Bun Chimney Cone.


Grab some friends and visit Eva’s Original Chimneys, located in the SWEETMRKT on the upper level across from MUJI.

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