December 27, 2016

New Year, New Resolutions… Maybe

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The holiday madness comes to an end, and you are faced with a new dilemma… your New Year’s resolution! It can be challenging to think of new goals… because let’s face it, we forget about them a month later anyway.


But it’s New Year tradition to make a list, so here are some of the resolutions we will probably never keep in 2017:


  • Be healthy aka eat healthy and exercise more. A reoccurring resolution for almost every person in the world – we all dream of one day becoming the best and healthiest versions of ourselves. Eat more greens. Go to the gym more. Eat less sugar. Surely, one day, it will all come true.This year, get a head start by updating your closet with some sportswear from lululemon athletica and sign-up to another year-long gym membership at GoodLife Fitness. Trust, this is your year to shine.


  • Save money. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, just clearly didn’t know where to shop… Saving money is a resolution that seems to pop up every year. Our solution: buy a cute piggy bank. Chapters and Hudson’s Bay often have really cute options that will go well with your stylish home.


  • Sleep better. Sleep plays an important role in our physical health and goes beyond boosting our mood and banishing under-eye circles – yet many of us continue to lack a good night’s sleep. Enhance your sleep regimen with The Face Shop’s Real Nature beauty masks.


  • Get organized. They say that a clear mind and space allows you to think and act with purpose, so it’s time to get organized in the New Year. A great way to keep organized is by keeping a journal or simple to-do list to stay on track. We think this journal from Indigo is super cute!

  • Appreciate every moment. We live in a beautiful world – but it’s often easy to forget this. Take time to appreciate every moment by taking lots of pictures with a handy Instax mini from Best Buy. We love the vintage look of instant photos!


Photo by: @jetset.away


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We wish you all STC Trendsetters the best and we’ll see you in the New Year!